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Volunteer Jiu Jitsu Session – T.V. Foster Youth – Freedom Youth Foundation

September 21 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm MDT

Join us at Freedom Youth Foundation as we empower foster youth & their siblings in Treasure Valley with sports clinics & financial resources

As a volunteer for Freedom Youth Foundation (formerly PAI), you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of foster youth and their siblings in the Treasure Valley. By supporting our free sports clinics, you’ll help to promote life skills like communication, teamwork, and accountability in a fun and engaging environment.

Please note that all volunteers over 18 years of age must complete a background check in order to ensure the safety of the children we serve. All ages are welcome to volunteer, including families.

At the Jiu Jitsu clinic, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the direct impact of your support. Throughout the event, children will engage in drills, games, and lessons aimed at enhancing both their athletic abilities and life skills. Additionally, they’ll have the chance to earn awards for demonstrating sportsmanship, leadership, and rising star qualities, among others.

Here’s a quick overview of the event’s schedule:

  • Please arrive at `12:00PM for setup and volunteer instructions
  • Clinic starts at 12:15PM and ends at 2:00PM
  • Lunch will be provided after the clinic

As a volunteer, you’ll play a key role in making this event a success. During introductions, you’ll get to meet the children and hear from the leaders about the day’s activities. Throughout the clinic, you’ll help with everything from creating teams to coaching at stations and leading group lessons.

Here are a few reminders for the day:

  • Background check required before attending the event
  • Please arrive no later than 12:00PM for volunteer orientation

We can’t wait for you to join us and see the impact you’ll make in the lives of foster youth and their siblings.

All volunteers are asked to meet these requirements prior to volunteering:

  • 18 years or older must complete a backround check
  • Backround check – will be initated after registration through CRCA
  • Register below with your personal information
  • No criminal offenses involving a child or on the Sex Offender Registry
  • Review orientation materials and event expectations
  • Upon completion of registering, you will be contacted by a representative with further event details

Sample Clinic Agenda

Objective: The objective of our clinics is to provide foster youth with the opportunity to participate in a variety of drills and competitions, fostering personal growth and teaching life skills such as communication, teamwork, and accountability. We also promote positive attitudes and good behavior through our trophy program. Please nominate youth who demonstrate the following characteristics:

Sportsmanship – Rising Start – Leadership – FYF Award (overall)

Introductions: Get everyone in a large circle and introduce volunteers. This is also the time for the event leader to set expectations with the children, explain the day’s activities and highlight the word of the day.

Word of the day: Encourage

Teams: We will split up the children randomly to create teams. The teams will stay together for the relays and stations.

Relays: The teams lineup up to do relays and warm up.

Group Lesson / Activity: We will focus on FUNdamentals in a large group session. Group activity examples: I am the King, group tag, group dribbling, Simon Says, etc.

Stations: The teams will then be sent to stations. This is where they will work on a specific skill set such as defense, offense or agility. Each station is 5-10 minutes and we will rotate when time is up.

Awards and Summary: Everyone will come together to review the day, get feedback from the youth on what they enjoyed and talk about the word of the day! The last activity is awarding the four youth trophies and highlighting each youth.

Summarize – Feedback – Word of the Day – Mental Wellness – Trophies

F AQs Below

What is the purpose of the sports clinic event?

The purpose of the sports clinic event is to provide foster youth with a fun and engaging activity that helps them develop their athletic skills, build confidence and socialize with other children.

Who can participate in the sports clinic event?

The sports clinic event is open to foster youth and their siblings.

What type of sports will be covered in the event?

The sports clinic event will cover various sports activities such as basketball, soccer, and other games that promote teamwork, exercise and fun.

What are the volunteer duties during the sports clinic event?

Volunteers are responsible for assisting with setting up and managing the event, leading sports activities, supervising the youth participants, and ensuring the safety of all attendees.

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

The sports clinic event usually runs for 1:30 hours and volunteers are expected to be present for the entire duration of the event.

What should volunteers bring to the event?

Volunteers should wear comfortable athletic attire and any necessary personal items.

Will volunteers receive training?

Yes, volunteers will receive training on the day of the event to ensure that everyone understands their role and the safety guidelines for the event.

Is there an age requirement for volunteers?

No, we welcome volunteers of all ages, especially families. Volunteers 18 years of age or older must complete a background check.

Can volunteers bring friends or family members to the event?

Yes, volunteers are welcome to bring friends or family members, but they must also be registered as volunteers and undergo the training process.

Will there be food and beverages provided for volunteers?

Yes, food and drinks will be provided for volunteers following the event.


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